Flight To SchedAscending Update
AA 2732 Cap Haitien (CAP) 2:45pm 6:00am
Delayed Gate: D38
F9 423 Atlanta (ATL) 4:40pm 8:52pm
Departed Gate: G12
MQ 4768 Monterrey (MTY) 5:35pm 7:55pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 927 Guayaquil (GYE) 6:05pm 9:00pm
Departed Gate: D28
AA 207 Dallas (DFW) 6:35pm 7:43pm
Departed Gate: D5
UA 3666 Houston (IAH) 6:49pm 10:30pm
Delayed Gate: G15
AA 2699 Havana (HAV) 7:10pm 8:03pm
Departed Gate: D7
DL 2025 Atlanta (ATL) 7:10pm 9:25pm
Departed Gate: H17
AA 1984 Detroit (DTW) 7:30pm 7:45pm
Departed Gate: D2
AA 2448 Dallas (DFW) 7:40pm 7:52pm
Departed Gate: D34
AA 38 London (LHR) 7:40pm 7:49pm
Departed Gate: D14
MQ 4605 White Plains (HPN) 7:42pm 8:07pm
Departed Gate: D53
AA 556 Orlando (MCO) 7:44pm 7:40pm
Departed Gate: D45
AA 1511 Santo Domingo (SDQ) 7:45pm 7:39pm
Departed Gate: D51
AA 907 Buenos Aires (EZE) 7:45pm 8:05pm
Departed Gate: D21
AA 2492 Cancun (CUN) 7:49pm 7:53pm
Departed Gate: D3
AA 1565 New York (JFK) 7:50pm 8:31pm
Departed Gate: E11
SU 111 Moscow (SVO) 7:50pm 7:38pm
Departed Gate: F14
AA 2325 New York (LGA) 7:53pm 7:45pm
Departed Gate: E2
AA 2461 Washington (DCA) 7:54pm 7:59pm
Departed Gate: D43
AA 397 San Juan (SJU) 7:55pm 7:47pm
Departed Gate: D38
AA 929 Sao Paulo (GRU) 7:55pm 8:00pm
Departed Gate: D37
DL 1282 New York (JFK) 7:55pm 8:28pm
Departed Gate: H3
AA 1372 San Antonio (SAT) 7:58pm 7:52pm
Departed Gate: D46
AA 367 Newark (EWR) 8:01pm 8:22pm
Departed Gate: E9
AA 1098 Philadelphia (PHL) 8:04pm 8:00pm
Departed Gate: E5
MQ 4515 Omaha (OMA) 8:04pm 8:05pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4678 Minneapolis (MSP) 8:04pm 8:01pm
Departed Gate: E20
AA 69 Los Angeles (LAX) 8:05pm 8:20pm
Scheduled Gate: D12
AC 1643 Toronto (YYZ) 8:05pm 9:03pm
Departed Gate: J4
AA 1043 Kingston (KIN) 8:09pm 8:04pm
Departed Gate: D30
DL 197 Sao Paulo (GRU) 8:10pm 8:12pm
Departed Gate: H7
DL 197 Orlando (MCO) 8:10pm 8:12pm
Departed Gate: H7
MQ 4701 Nassau (NAS) 8:10pm 8:02pm
Departed Gate: D55
AA 341 New Orleans (MSY) 8:16pm 8:15pm
Departed Gate: D6
Y4 995 Mexico City (MEX) 8:19pm 8:09pm
Departed Gate: F5
AZ 631 Rome (FCO) 8:20pm 8:18pm
Departed Gate: H8
AA 1446 Atlanta (ATL) 8:24pm 8:42pm
Departed Gate: D20
AA 2421 Denver (DEN) 8:24pm 8:21pm
Departed Gate: D47
AA 134 Seattle (SEA) 8:25pm 9:31pm
Departed Gate: D25
JJ 8091 Sao Paulo (GRU) 8:25pm 9:49pm
Departed Gate: J11
AA 376 New York (LGA) 8:30pm 9:04pm
Departed Gate: E7
BA 208 London (LHR) 8:40pm 11:45pm
Delayed Gate: E10
UP 230 Nassau (NAS) 8:40pm 9:06pm
Departed Gate: G8
LA 503 Santiago (SCL) 8:45pm 8:46pm
Departed Gate: J5
KX 107 Grand Cayman (GCM) 8:50pm 10:01pm
Departed Gate: F3
TK 78 Istanbul (IST) 9:00pm 8:58pm
Departed Gate: J11
4M 7821 Buenos Aires (EZE) 9:10pm 9:08pm
Departed Gate: J12
AA 1359 Toronto (YYZ) 9:10pm 9:06pm
Departed Gate: E6
MQ 4417 Richmond (RIC) 9:19pm 9:32pm
Departed Gate: E33
MQ 4424 Indianapolis (IND) 9:19pm 10:02pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4596 Louisville (SDF) 9:19pm 9:20pm
Departed Gate: E20
MQ 4612 Pittsburgh (PIT) 9:19pm 9:52pm
Departed Gate: D55
AA 2343 Washington (DCA) 9:20pm 9:13pm
Departed Gate: E2
AA 313 Baltimore (BWI) 9:20pm 9:12pm
Departed Gate: D36
AA 2590 Washington (IAD) 9:21pm 9:22pm
Departed Gate: D49
AA 407 Phoenix (PHX) 9:23pm 9:16pm
Departed Gate: D8
AA 316 San Juan (SJU) 9:24pm 9:34pm
Departed Gate: D7
MQ 3626 Birmingham (BHM) 9:24pm 10:31pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 2203 Las Vegas (LAS) 9:25pm 9:18pm
Departed Gate: D42
AA 569 New Orleans (MSY) 9:25pm 9:47pm
Departed Gate: D34
MQ 4585 Kansas City (MCI) 9:27pm 10:26pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4670 Memphis (MEM) 9:27pm 9:30pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 3685 Tallahassee (TLH) 9:28pm 9:28pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 3838 Greensboro (GSO) 9:29pm 9:26pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 1313 Boston (BOS) 9:30pm 9:38pm
Departed Gate: D9
AA 234 Chicago (ORD) 9:30pm 9:23pm
Departed Gate: D15
AA 2512 Atlanta (ATL) 9:30pm 9:25pm
Departed Gate: D19
UX 98 Madrid (MAD) 9:30pm 9:21pm
Departed Gate: F15
AA 1137 Bogota (BOG) 9:31pm 9:27pm
Departed Gate: D24
MQ 3440 Norfolk (ORF) 9:31pm 9:27pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4658 Nashville (BNA) 9:33pm 9:36pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 2441 Dallas (DFW) 9:35pm 9:30pm
Departed Gate: D2
AA 2647 San Francisco (SFO) 9:35pm 9:31pm
Departed Gate: D1
MQ 3706 Pensacola (PNS) 9:35pm 9:48pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4419 Jacksonville (JAX) 9:35pm 9:34pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4510 Charleston (CHS) 9:35pm 9:41pm
Departed Gate: D60
MQ 4592 Austin (AUS) 9:35pm 9:33pm
Departed Gate: E31
AA 1147 Los Angeles (LAX) 9:40pm 10:13pm
Departed Gate: D43
AA 956 Raleigh Durham (RDU) 9:40pm 9:37pm
Departed Gate: D26
MQ 3414 Cleveland (CLE) 9:40pm 9:34pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 2218 Tulsa (TUL) 9:43pm 9:43pm
Scheduled Gate: D17
AA 1406 New York (JFK) 9:45pm 9:50pm
Departed Gate: D40
AA 1828 Charlotte (CLT) 9:45pm 9:45pm
Departed Gate: D6
AA 1471 St. Louis (STL) 9:46pm 9:39pm
Departed Gate: D5
MQ 4472 Houston (IAH) 9:49pm 9:49pm
Scheduled Gate: D60
MQ 4669 Key West (EYW) 9:49pm 9:53pm
Departed Gate: D60
AA 1671 Philadelphia (PHL) 9:59pm 9:58pm
Departed Gate: E9
AR 1307 Buenos Aires (EZE) 10:10pm 10:19pm
Departed Gate: J18
LA 501 Santiago (SCL) 10:10pm 10:23pm
Departed Gate: J7
AA 213 Brasilia (BSB) 10:35pm 10:35pm
Scheduled Gate: D49
AA 989 Montevideo (MVD) 10:35pm 10:35pm
Departed Gate: D44
AA 995 Sao Paulo (GRU) 10:35pm 10:35pm
Scheduled Gate: D27
AA 922 La Paz (LPB) 10:37pm 10:37pm
Departed Gate: D4
AA 905 Rio De Janeiro (GIG) 10:40pm 10:40pm
Scheduled Gate: D30
AA 991 Belo Horizonte (CNF) 10:40pm 10:40pm
Scheduled Gate: D50
AA 39 Orlando (MCO) 10:45pm 10:45pm
Scheduled Gate: D39
AA 931 Buenos Aires (EZE) 10:45pm 10:45pm
Scheduled Gate: D23
AA 957 Santiago (SCL) 10:50pm 10:50pm
Scheduled Gate: D37
IB 6118 Madrid (MAD) 10:55pm 10:55pm
Scheduled Gate: E23
OB 767 Santa Cruz (VVI) 11:00pm 11:00pm
Scheduled Gate: F17
JJ 8057 Rio De Janeiro (GIG) 11:30pm 11:30pm
Scheduled Gate: J17
WAL 300 Managua (MGA) 12:30am 12:30am
Scheduled Gate: J3
WAL 301 Managua (MGA) 1:00am 1:00am
Scheduled Gate: J5
JJ 8093 Belem (BEL) 1:20am 1:20am
Scheduled Gate: J16
WAL 302 Managua (MGA) 1:30am 1:30am
Scheduled Gate: J7
LL 612 Managua (MGA) 2:00am 2:00am
Scheduled Gate: J10
LA 2461 Lima (LIM) 2:05am 2:05am
Scheduled Gate: J18
LL 695 Managua (MGA) 2:30am 12:30am
Scheduled Gate: J2
AV 5 Bogota (BOG) 3:12am 3:12am
Scheduled Gate: J14
JJ 8077 Manaus (MAO) 4:20am 4:20am
Scheduled Gate: J8
LA 2495 Lima (LIM) 4:40am 4:40am
Scheduled Gate: J15
AA 1541 Dallas (DFW) 5:45am 5:45am
Scheduled Gate: D39
MQ 4450 New York (LGA) 5:45am 5:45am
Scheduled Gate: D53
AG 820 Aruba (AUA) 6:00am 6:00am
Scheduled Gate: G14
CM 173 Panama City (PTY) 6:00am 6:00am
Scheduled Gate: J12
DL 1944 Atlanta (ATL) 6:00am 6:00am
Scheduled Gate: H15
EA 3139 Havana (HAV) 6:00am 6:00am
Scheduled Gate: F8
S3 1518 Caracas (CCS) 6:00am 6:00am
Scheduled Gate: F23
UA 1527 Newark (EWR) 6:02am 6:02am
Scheduled Gate: G11
UA 1787 Chicago (ORD) 6:15am 6:15am
Scheduled Gate: G9
AA 348 Charlotte (CLT) 6:25am 6:25am
Scheduled Gate: D44
UA 1475 Houston (IAH) 6:30am 6:30am
Scheduled Gate: G15
AA 17 Havana (HAV) 6:35am 6:35am
Scheduled Gate: D19
AA 1287 Chicago (ORD) 6:45am 6:45am
Scheduled Gate: D17
AA 1266 Philadelphia (PHL) 6:54am 6:54am
Scheduled Gate: D49
AA 1394 Tampa (TPA) 6:54am 6:54am
Scheduled Gate: E6
AA 2347 Washington (DCA) 6:55am 6:55am
Scheduled Gate: E7
AA 1509 Boston (BOS) 6:56am 6:56am
Scheduled Gate: D20
MQ 4595 Austin (AUS) 6:57am 6:57am
Scheduled Gate: D60
AA 2641 Detroit (DTW) 6:58am 6:58am
Scheduled Gate: D9
AA 1011 New York (LGA) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: E5
AA 2424 Denver (DEN) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: D40
DL 1303 New York (JFK) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: H12
DL 2803 Salt Lake City (SLC) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: H8
DL 891 Atlanta (ATL) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: H11
EA 3171 Holguin (HOG) 7:00am 7:00am
Scheduled Gate: F6
AM 429 Mexico City (MEX) 7:04am 7:04am
Scheduled Gate: H4
AA 2493 New York (JFK) 7:05am 7:05am
Scheduled Gate: D21
AA 2657 Orlando (MCO) 7:05am 7:05am
Scheduled Gate: D48
AA 1002 Dallas (DFW) 7:10am 7:10am
Scheduled Gate: D15
AA 919 Atlanta (ATL) 7:11am 7:11am
Scheduled Gate: D41
AA 1646 Phoenix (PHX) 7:15am 7:15am
Scheduled Gate: D3
AA 2494 Cancun (CUN) 7:15am 7:15am
Scheduled Gate: E4
AA 1303 Mexico City (MEX) 7:20am 7:20am
Scheduled Gate: D51
AA 1341 San Juan (SJU) 7:20am 7:20am
Scheduled Gate: E11
DL 1169 Los Angeles (LAX) 7:22am 7:22am
Scheduled Gate: H9
AA 377 Port Au Prince (PAP) 7:25am 7:25am
Scheduled Gate: D26
AA 1352 Los Angeles (LAX) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: D5
DL 1488 Minneapolis (MSP) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: H5
DL 2151 New York (LGA) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: H3
F9 615 Denver (DEN) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: G12
LA 4423 Bogota (BOG) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: J14
WAL 700 Punta Cana (PUJ) 7:30am 7:30am
Scheduled Gate: G10
CM 491 Panama City (PTY) 7:57am 7:57am
Scheduled Gate: J2
DL 2308 Detroit (DTW) 8:00am 8:00am
Scheduled Gate: H7
SWQ 201 Punta Cana (PUJ) 8:00am 8:00am
Scheduled Gate: F17
SWQ 701 Havana (HAV) 8:00am 8:00am
Scheduled Gate: F9
XP 254 Havana (HAV) 8:00am 8:00am
Scheduled Gate: F4
LA 583 Santiago (SCL) 8:05am 8:05am
Scheduled Gate: J5
LA 583 Cancun (CUN) 8:05am 8:05am
Scheduled Gate: J5
UA 912 Newark (EWR) 8:08am 8:08am
Scheduled Gate: H14
MQ 4639 Jacksonville (JAX) 8:13am 8:13am
Scheduled Gate: D55
WAL 303 Managua (MGA) 8:15am 8:15am
Scheduled Gate: G19
LA 591 Santiago (SCL) 8:25am 8:25am
Scheduled Gate: J18
LA 591 Punta Cana (PUJ) 8:25am 8:25am
Scheduled Gate: J18
LL 697 Managua (MGA) 8:30am 8:30am
Scheduled Gate: G4
AA 1533 Washington (DCA) 8:35am 8:35am
Scheduled Gate: E2
AA 2249 New Orleans (MSY) 8:35am 8:35am
Scheduled Gate: D48
AA 2531 Baltimore (BWI) 8:35am 8:35am
Scheduled Gate: D32
AA 1831 Charlotte (CLT) 8:37am 8:37am
Scheduled Gate: D38
AA 334 Chicago (ORD) 8:37am 8:37am
Scheduled Gate: D22
MQ 4638 St. Louis (STL) 8:39am 8:39am
Scheduled Gate: D60
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