Flight From SchedAscending Update
SWQ 702 Havana (HAV) 10:15am 10:00pm
New Time Gate: F Bags: D-FIS
WAL 1226 Caracas (CCS) 11:30am 11:00pm
New Time Gate: H4 Bags: J-FIS
D2 414 Punta Cana (PUJ) 2:00pm 8:20pm
New Time Gate: F Bags: D-FIS
SWQ 3142 Havana (HAV) 2:00pm 8:03pm
Arrived Gate: F7 Bags: D-FIS
F9 989 Providence (PVD) 5:07pm 7:19pm
Arrived Gate: G10 Bags: 10
AA 2439 Chicago (ORD) 6:09pm 6:24pm
Arrived Gate: D16 Bags: 24
AA 1604 Eagle County (EGE) 6:22pm 6:17pm
Arrived Gate: D15 Bags: 23
AA 1028 Aruba (AUA) 6:24pm 6:42pm
Arrived Gate: D49 Bags: 25
AA 1481 Santo Domingo (SDQ) 6:25pm 6:01pm
Arrived Gate: D3 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2096 Washington (DCA) 6:25pm 5:50pm
Arrived Gate: D22 Bags: 24
AA 1088 Los Angeles (LAX) 6:27pm 6:02pm
Arrived Gate: D45 Bags: 23
DL 81 Brussels (BRU) 6:27pm 6:18pm
Arrived Gate: H11 Bags: 5
DL 81 Atlanta (ATL) 6:27pm 6:18pm
Arrived Gate: H11 Bags: 5
DL 2803 New York (JFK) 6:36pm 5:54pm
Arrived Gate: H9 Bags: 4
AA 1613 San Juan (SJU) 6:39pm 6:30pm
Arrived Gate: D17 Bags: 25
AA 2738 Dallas (DFW) 6:39pm 7:13pm
Arrived Gate: D8 Bags: 22
AA 379 Charlotte (CLT) 6:40pm 6:36pm
Arrived Gate: D5 Bags: 22
AA 565 Tampa (TPA) 6:40pm 7:00pm
Arrived Gate: D41 Bags: 26
MQ 4618 Camaguey (CMW) 6:40pm 6:11pm
Arrived Gate: D55 Bags: D-FIS
AA 1494 San Salvador (SAL) 6:43pm 7:15pm
Arrived Gate: D7 Bags: D-FIS
AA 1293 St. Croix (STX) 6:45pm 6:06pm
Arrived Gate: D42 Bags: 26
AA 2468 Punta Cana (PUJ) 6:45pm 6:22pm
Arrived Gate: D24 Bags: D-FIS
AG 821 Aruba (AUA) 6:45pm 6:57pm
Arrived Gate: G14 Bags: 11
AA 1391 Charlotte Amalie (STT) 6:47pm 6:28pm
Arrived Gate: D38 Bags: 24
AA 407 Philadelphia (PHL) 6:48pm 6:27pm
Arrived Gate: E8 Bags: 26
AA 1621 New York (LGA) 6:49pm 7:01pm
Arrived Gate: E7 Bags: 26
AA 1408 Orlando (MCO) 6:50pm 6:42pm
Arrived Gate: E4 Bags: 26
KX 106 Grand Cayman (GCM) 6:50pm 7:50pm
Arrived Gate: F5 Bags: D-FIS
MQ 3454 Tallahassee (TLH) 6:50pm 6:39pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 1531 Tegucigalpa (TGU) 6:51pm 6:38pm
Arrived Gate: D47 Bags: D-FIS
MQ 4392 Atlanta (ATL) 6:51pm 6:55pm
Arrived Gate: E31 Bags: 27
AA 121 San Pedro Sula (SAP) 6:53pm 6:26pm
Arrived Gate: D39 Bags: D-FIS
AA 369 New York (JFK) 6:59pm 6:18pm
Arrived Gate: D50 Bags: 25
AA 1346 Liberia (LIR) 7:01pm 7:11pm
Arrived Gate: D6 Bags: D-FIS
AA 983 Guatemala City (GUA) 7:04pm 6:59pm
Arrived Gate: D36 Bags: D-FIS
4O 2962 Mexico City (MEX) 7:05pm 7:05pm
Arrived Gate: F9 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2592 Managua (MGA) 7:09pm 6:38pm
Arrived Gate: E9 Bags: D-FIS
9V 1222 Barcelona (BLA) 7:10pm 7:17pm
Arrived Gate: E23 Bags: D-FIS
AA 1128 Medellin (MDE) 7:10pm 6:59pm
Arrived Gate: D33 Bags: D-FIS
BA 209 London (LHR) 7:10pm 7:34pm
Arrived Gate: E24 Bags: E-FIS
UX 97 Madrid (MAD) 7:10pm 6:35pm
Arrived Gate: F15 Bags: E-FIS
AA 318 St Kitts (SKB) 7:12pm 6:30pm
Arrived Gate: E11 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2405 St Johns (ANU) 7:15pm 6:39pm
Arrived Gate: D34 Bags: D-FIS
AA 505 Mexico City (MEX) 7:15pm 12:04am
New Time Gate: J7 Bags: J-FIS
AA 1407 Chicago (ORD) 7:18pm 7:07pm
Arrived Gate: D32 Bags: 26
AA 2750 Santa Clara (SNU) 7:20pm 7:15pm
Arrived Gate: D4 Bags: D-FIS
LA 592 Punta Cana (PUJ) 7:20pm 6:54pm
Arrived Gate: J18 Bags: J-FIS
LA 592 Santiago (SCL) 7:20pm 6:54pm
Arrived Gate: J18 Bags: J-FIS
AA 914 Caracas (CCS) 7:25pm 6:46pm
Arrived Gate: D46 Bags: D-FIS
JJ 9612 Sao Paulo (GRU) 7:25pm 7:27pm
Arrived Gate: J15 Bags: J-FIS
SWQ 6432 Maracaibo (MAR) 7:25pm 12:00am
New Time Gate: J11 Bags: J-FIS
F9 1335 Buffalo (BUF) 7:26pm 10:16pm
New Time Gate: G10 Bags: 10
EI 141 Dublin (DUB) 7:30pm 7:48pm
Arrived Gate: F17 Bags: 13
DL 730 Atlanta (ATL) 7:34pm 7:17pm
Arrived Gate: H17 Bags: 5
AA 1089 Bridgetown (BGI) 7:36pm 6:57pm
Arrived Gate: D48 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2219 St. Maarten (SXM) 7:38pm 6:49pm
Arrived Gate: D11 Bags: D-FIS
AA 158 Cancun (CUN) 7:40pm 7:26pm
Arrived Gate: D26 Bags: D-FIS
UA 1923 Newark (EWR) 7:41pm 7:07pm
Arrived Gate: G15 Bags: 6
AA 1474 Panama City (PTY) 7:44pm 7:36pm
Arrived Gate: D10 Bags: D-FIS
AA 1059 Port Au Prince (PAP) 7:47pm 7:44pm
Arrived Gate: D12 Bags: D-FIS
MQ 3928 Freeport (FPO) 7:47pm 7:26pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 2295 Vieux Fort (UVF) 7:48pm 7:16pm
Arrived Gate: D51 Bags: D-FIS
AA 982 St Georges (GND) 7:49pm 8:08pm
Arrived Gate: D41 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2703 Port Of Spain (POS) 7:50pm 7:53pm
Arrived Gate: D49 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2739 Willemstad (CUR) 7:50pm 7:41pm
Arrived Gate: D9 Bags: D-FIS
AA 916 Bogota (BOG) 7:50pm 7:38pm
Arrived Gate: D1 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2482 Havana (HAV) 7:55pm 7:46pm
Arrived Gate: D42 Bags: D-FIS
SU 110 Moscow (SVO) 7:55pm 7:55pm
Arrived Gate: F16 Bags: D-FIS
UP 229 Nassau (NAS) 7:55pm 8:34pm
Arrived Gate: F8 Bags: 10
AA 1366 New York (LGA) 8:02pm 7:28pm
Arrived Gate: D27 Bags: 26
DL 951 Minneapolis (MSP) 8:02pm 7:54pm
Arrived Gate: H7 Bags: 5
MQ 4451 Key West (EYW) 8:03pm 7:56pm
Arrived Gate: D53 Bags: 27
IB 6117 Madrid (MAD) 8:05pm 7:35pm
Arrived Gate: E21 Bags: E-FIS
JJ 8056 Rio De Janeiro (GIG) 8:05pm 8:05pm
Arrived Gate: J5 Bags: J-FIS
AC 1644 Toronto (YYZ) 8:10pm 8:23pm
Arrived Gate: J4 Bags: 1
TK 77 Istanbul (IST) 8:10pm 7:44pm
Arrived Gate: J11 Bags: J-FIS
MQ 3481 Pensacola (PNS) 8:12pm 7:53pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 2618 Las Vegas (LAS) 8:14pm 8:09pm
Arrived Gate: D39 Bags: 24
MQ 4389 Austin (AUS) 8:16pm 8:13pm
Arrived Gate: E20 Bags: 27
MQ 4725 Nassau (NAS) 8:20pm 8:06pm
Arrived Gate: E31 Bags: 27
AA 609 Charlotte (CLT) 8:21pm 8:07pm
Arrived Gate: D38 Bags: 22
MQ 3630 Birmingham (BHM) 8:21pm 8:16pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 1049 Baltimore (BWI) 8:24pm 8:01pm
Arrived Gate: E2 Bags: 26
AA 2683 Nashville (BNA) 8:28pm 8:29pm
Arrived Gate: D25 Bags: 23
MQ 4414 Houston (IAH) 8:28pm 8:10pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 1355 San Juan (SJU) 8:30pm 8:05pm
Arrived Gate: E4 Bags: 25
MQ 4500 New Orleans (MSY) 8:30pm 8:24pm
Arrived Gate: D55 Bags: 27
AA 235 New York (JFK) 8:31pm 8:08pm
Arrived Gate: D5 Bags: 25
AA 1086 Boston (BOS) 8:34pm 8:14pm
Arrived Gate: D17 Bags: 23
MQ 4603 Charleston (CHS) 8:34pm 8:35pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 865 San Diego (SAN) 8:36pm 8:49pm
Arrived Gate: E6 Bags: 25
MQ 3485 Jacksonville (JAX) 8:39pm 8:42pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
MQ 4691 Indianapolis (IND) 8:39pm 8:21pm
Arrived Gate: E33 Bags: 27
AA 1024 Los Angeles (LAX) 8:40pm 8:26pm
Arrived Gate: D20 Bags: 24
AA 2186 Detroit (DTW) 8:40pm 8:20pm
Arrived Gate: D45 Bags: 23
AA 238 Washington (DCA) 8:42pm 8:09pm
Arrived Gate: D22 Bags: 23
AA 2444 Tampa (TPA) 8:43pm 8:33pm
Arrived Gate: D31 Bags: 26
AA 97 Philadelphia (PHL) 8:43pm 8:36pm
Arrived Gate: D16 Bags: 26
MQ 3833 Columbus (CMH) 8:43pm
Cancelled Term:
AA 2447 Orlando (MCO) 8:45pm 8:37pm
Arrived Gate: D43 Bags: 26
AA 2585 Raleigh Durham (RDU) 8:45pm 10:55pm
New Time Gate: D5 Bags: 26
AA 2791 Dallas (DFW) 8:45pm 8:45pm
On Time Gate: D28 Bags: 22
MQ 2791 Dallas (DFW) 8:45pm 8:46pm
Arrived Term: Bags: 27
MQ 3508 Tallahassee (TLH) 8:45pm 8:36pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
MQ 3686 Cleveland (CLE) 8:45pm 8:30pm
Arrived Gate: D60 Bags: 27
MQ 4536 Atlanta (ATL) 8:45pm 8:23pm
Arrived Gate: E22 Bags: 27
AF 618 Port Au Prince (PAP) 8:50pm 8:40pm
New Time Gate: H6 Bags: J-FIS
AA 1037 Newark (EWR) 8:55pm 8:37pm
Arrived Gate: D36 Bags: 23
AA 1389 New York (LGA) 8:56pm 8:33pm
Arrived Gate: E11 Bags: 26
AA 9656 Dallas (DFW) 9:00pm 9:05pm
New Time Gate: D14 Bags: 22
DL 1801 Atlanta (ATL) 9:05pm 8:54pm
Arrived Gate: H5 Bags: 5
WW 131 Reykjavik (KEF) 9:05pm 9:05pm
On Time Gate: F5 Bags: D-FIS
F9 1198 Denver (DEN) 9:09pm 10:00pm
New Time Gate: G12 Bags: 10
MQ 9811 Bentonville (XNA) 9:15pm 9:39pm
New Time Gate: D60 Bags: 27
AA 342 Chicago (ORD) 9:25pm 9:15pm
New Time Gate: D1 Bags: 26
AA 9612 Charlotte (CLT) 9:25pm 10:12pm
New Time Gate: D32 Bags: 24
AA 2671 Toronto (YYZ) 9:30pm 9:58pm
New Time Gate: D34 Bags: 23
AA 1618 Phoenix (PHX) 9:31pm 9:41pm
New Time Gate: D26 Bags: 23
CM 427 Panama City (PTY) 9:33pm 9:33pm
On Time Gate: J12 Bags: J-FIS
AA 2605 San Francisco (SFO) 9:38pm 9:28pm
New Time Gate: D2 Bags: 24
AA 1172 Boston (BOS) 9:42pm 9:21pm
New Time Gate: D41 Bags: 23
UA 1061 Houston (IAH) 9:50pm 9:50pm
On Time Gate: H14 Bags: 6
AA 2700 Washington (IAD) 9:51pm 9:33pm
New Time Gate: D9 Bags: 26
AA 1005 Washington (DCA) 9:53pm 9:37pm
New Time Gate: E2 Bags: 24
MQ 4734 Pittsburgh (PIT) 9:54pm 9:42pm
New Time Gate: D55 Bags: 27
AA 1893 St. Louis (STL) 9:55pm 9:54pm
New Time Gate: D11 Bags: 26
MQ 4445 Minneapolis (MSP) 9:55pm 9:51pm
New Time Gate: D53 Bags: 27
MQ 4450 Houston (IAH) 9:55pm 9:57pm
New Time Gate: D60 Bags: 27
SWQ 1994 Caracas (CCS) 10:00pm 9:50pm
New Time Gate: F7 Bags: D-FIS
UA 1496 Newark (EWR) 10:19pm 10:19pm
On Time Gate: G15 Bags: 6
AA 1401 Charlotte (CLT) 10:22pm 10:18pm
New Time Gate: D48 Bags: 22
CM 441 Panama City (PTY) 10:23pm 10:23pm
On Time Gate: J4 Bags: J-FIS
AA 2696 Havana (HAV) 10:25pm 10:17pm
New Time Gate: D24 Bags: D-FIS
AA 262 Dallas (DFW) 10:26pm 1:31am
New Time Gate: D20 Bags: 22
DL 2191 Atlanta (ATL) 10:30pm 10:28pm
New Time Gate: H15 Bags: 5
AA 2193 Chicago (ORD) 10:45pm 10:41pm
New Time Gate: D36 Bags: 26
AA 2240 New York (LGA) 10:45pm 10:09pm
New Time Gate: D17 Bags: 26
DL 896 New York (LGA) 10:59pm 10:12pm
New Time Gate: H3 Bags: 4
DL 486 New York (JFK) 11:16pm 10:52pm
New Time Gate: H9 Bags: 4
F9 1795 Islip (ISP) 11:17pm 11:17pm
On Time Gate: G12 Bags: 10
AC 1646 Toronto (YYZ) 11:37pm 12:02am
New Time Gate: J14 Bags: 1
LA 4364 Bogota (BOG) 11:39pm 11:39pm
On Time Gate: J9 Bags: J-FIS
UA 365 Denver (DEN) 11:42pm 11:42pm
On Time Gate: G11 Bags: 6
UA 2146 Houston (IAH) 11:43pm 11:43pm
On Time Gate: G9 Bags: 6
DL 1750 Detroit (DTW) 11:55pm 11:39pm
New Time Gate: H17 Bags: 5
AA 2705 Dallas (DFW) 12:01am 12:35am
New Time Gate: D43 Bags: 22
UA 1537 Newark (EWR) 12:15am 12:15am
On Time Gate: G19 Bags: 6
AA 1644 Chicago (ORD) 12:33am 12:38am
New Time Gate: D47 Bags: 24
AA 1564 Charlotte (CLT) 12:35am 12:35am
On Time Gate: D12 Bags: 25
CM 490 Panama City (PTY) 12:59am 12:59am
On Time Gate: J2 Bags: J-FIS
AV 8 Bogota (BOG) 1:26am 1:26am
On Time Gate: J8 Bags: J-FIS
F9 1597 New York (LGA) 1:59am 1:59am
On Time Gate: G10 Bags: 10
AA 902 Guayaquil (GYE) 4:13am 4:13am
On Time Gate: D22 Bags: D-FIS
AA 912 Santiago (SCL) 4:17am 3:59am
New Time Gate: D28 Bags: D-FIS
AA 904 Rio De Janeiro (GIG) 4:20am 3:51am
New Time Gate: D14 Bags: D-FIS
AA 984 Montevideo (MVD) 4:40am 4:29am
New Time Gate: D44 Bags: D-FIS
AA 946 Quito (UIO) 4:41am 4:41am
On Time Gate: D3 Bags: D-FIS
AA 1126 Bogota (BOG) 4:45am 4:45am
On Time Gate: D51 Bags: D-FIS
AA 214 Brasilia (BSB) 4:45am 4:38am
New Time Gate: D37 Bags: D-FIS
AA 992 Belo Horizonte (CNF) 4:45am 4:23am
New Time Gate: D40 Bags: D-FIS
AA 930 Sao Paulo (GRU) 4:50am 4:44am
New Time Gate: D21 Bags: D-FIS
AA 900 Buenos Aires (EZE) 4:52am 4:46am
New Time Gate: D30 Bags: D-FIS
4M 7820 Buenos Aires (EZE) 4:55am 4:55am
On Time Gate: J16 Bags: J-FIS
OB 766 Cochabamba (CBB) 5:00am 5:00am
On Time Gate: F23 Bags: D-FIS
OB 766 Santa Cruz (VVI) 5:00am 5:00am
On Time Gate: F23 Bags: D-FIS
AA 918 Lima (LIM) 5:08am 5:08am
On Time Gate: D50 Bags: D-FIS
LA 502 Santiago (SCL) 5:10am 5:10am
On Time Gate: J18 Bags: J-FIS
AA 964 Manaus (MAO) 5:15am 5:15am
On Time Gate: D4 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2471 Los Angeles (LAX) 5:25am 5:25am
On Time Gate: D25 Bags: 24
AA 1042 San Diego (SAN) 5:40am 5:40am
On Time Gate: D2 Bags: 25
AA 2342 Denver (DEN) 5:41am 5:41am
On Time Gate: E8 Bags: 25
JJ 8090 Sao Paulo (GRU) 5:45am 5:45am
On Time Gate: J17 Bags: J-FIS
LA 500 Santiago (SCL) 5:55am 5:55am
On Time Gate: H8 Bags: J-FIS
LA 2466 Lima (LIM) 6:05am 6:05am
On Time Gate: J15 Bags: J-FIS
AA 2648 San Francisco (SFO) 6:06am 6:06am
On Time Gate: E9 Bags: 25
AR 1302 Buenos Aires (EZE) 6:25am 6:30am
New Time Gate: J12 Bags: J-FIS
O6 8510 Sao Paulo (GRU) 6:25am 6:25am
On Time Gate: J7 Bags: J-FIS
AA 908 Buenos Aires (EZE) 6:44am 6:36am
New Time Gate: D27 Bags: D-FIS
AA 906 Sao Paulo (GRU) 6:55am 6:57am
New Time Gate: D23 Bags: D-FIS
AA 2669 San Francisco (SFO) 6:59am 6:59am
On Time Gate: E2 Bags: 25
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