Flight To SchedAscending Update
B6 506 Newark (EWR) 5:42pm 7:48pm
In Air Gate: F4
3M 92 Tampa (TPA) 6:58pm 8:26pm
Landed Gate: C8
VX 337 Los Angeles (LAX) 6:59pm 7:50pm
In Air Gate: C7
AA 630 Philadelphia (PHL) 7:35pm 7:27pm
In Air Gate: E5
AD 8705 Viracopos (VCP) 7:45pm 7:43pm
Departed Gate: E8
DL 2659 New York (JFK) 7:45pm 7:39pm
In Air Gate: D1
WN 3205 San Juan (SJU) 7:45pm 7:45pm
In Air Gate: B5
B6 1680 Washington (DCA) 7:59pm 7:57pm
In Air Gate: F3
DL 2334 Atlanta (ATL) 8:00pm 8:08pm
In Air Gate: D5
WN 2273 Islip (ISP) 8:00pm 7:59pm
In Air Gate: B4
B6 1590 Detroit (DTW) 8:02pm 7:57pm
In Air Gate: F7
B6 2008 Pittsburgh (PIT) 8:02pm 9:04pm
Delayed Gate: F5
NK 126 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 8:10pm 8:08pm
In Air Gate: H7
NK 710 New York (LGA) 8:10pm 8:05pm
In Air Gate: G12
B6 1472 New York (LGA) 8:13pm 8:10pm
In Air Gate: F10
NK 355 Denver (DEN) 8:15pm 8:12pm
In Air Gate: H9
NK 971 Dallas (DFW) 8:15pm 8:14pm
In Air Gate: G13
NK 380 Detroit (DTW) 8:20pm 8:21pm
In Air Gate: G14
WN 353 Tampa (TPA) 8:20pm 8:19pm
Arrived Gate: B8
B6 6 Newark (EWR) 8:25pm 9:00pm
Delayed Gate: E6
NK 268 Atlantic City (ACY) 8:25pm 8:21pm
In Air Gate: E2
UA 1736 Newark (EWR) 8:25pm 8:14pm
In Air Gate: C3
NK 676 Orlando (MCO) 8:30pm 8:49pm
In Air Gate: G10
NK 777 Las Vegas (LAS) 8:30pm 9:00pm
In Air Gate: E9
UP 208 Nassau (NAS) 8:30pm 8:27pm
In Air Gate: E1
AC 1609 Montreal (YUL) 8:35pm 8:29pm
In Air Gate: D4
NK 240 Baltimore (BWI) 8:35pm 8:35pm
In Air Gate: H10
AC 1631 Toronto (YYZ) 8:40pm 8:40pm
In Air Gate: D3
B6 1617 Mexico City (MEX) 8:41pm 8:43pm
In Air Gate: F8
WN 1260 Atlanta (ATL) 8:45pm 8:40pm
In Air Gate: B6
B6 277 San Francisco (SFO) 8:54pm 9:16pm
Delayed Gate: F3
B6 2718 Jacksonville (JAX) 8:59pm 9:04pm
In Air Gate: F6
B6 41 Medellin (MDE) 9:04pm 9:04pm
Scheduled Gate: F9
WN 824 Baltimore (BWI) 9:05pm 8:56pm
In Air Gate: B9
B6 953 San Juan (SJU) 9:17pm 9:17pm
Scheduled Gate: E10
WS 1221 Toronto (YYZ) 9:20pm 8:57pm
In Air Gate: C6
NK 339 Los Angeles (LAX) 9:23pm 9:45pm
Delayed Gate: G13
WN 242 Houston (HOU) 9:35pm 9:27pm
Departed Gate: B5
NK 464 Chicago (ORD) 9:49pm 9:49pm
Scheduled Gate: H10
B6 402 New York (JFK) 9:59pm 10:09pm
Scheduled Gate: E6
DY 7042 Copenhagen (CPH) 10:00pm 11:20pm
Delayed Gate: E9
NK 416 Niagara Falls (IAG) 10:20pm 10:20pm
Scheduled Gate: H7
NK 230 Atlanta (ATL) 10:30pm 10:30pm
Scheduled Gate: H9
NK 615 Tampa (TPA) 10:33pm 10:33pm
Scheduled Gate: G10
NK 371 Aguadilla (BQN) 11:44pm 11:44pm
Scheduled Gate: G12
NK 829 San Pedro Sula (SAP) 11:44pm 11:44pm
Scheduled Gate: G14
B6 1091 Aguadilla (BQN) 11:49pm 11:49pm
Scheduled Gate: F7
NK 633 Santiago (STI) 11:58pm 11:58pm
Scheduled Gate: G13
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