Flight From SchedAscending Update
UP 205 Nassau (NAS) 4:40pm 5:08pm
Arrived Gate: E1 Bags: 2
UA 1238 Houston (IAH) 4:42pm 5:25pm
Arrived Gate: C3 Bags: 1
DL 1704 Detroit (DTW) 4:54pm 5:17pm
Arrived Gate: D8 Bags: 2
DL 1626 Atlanta (ATL) 4:55pm 5:14pm
Arrived Gate: D5 Bags: 3
AS 38 Seattle (SEA) 5:15pm 5:15pm
Arrived Gate: C6 Bags: 3
NK 244 Guatemala City (GUA) 5:22pm 5:05pm
Arrived Gate: H10 Bags: CUS
3M 4044 Freeport (FPO) 5:23pm 5:03pm
Arrived Gate: C5 Bags: 2
3M 4006 Key West (EYW) 5:26pm 5:15pm
Arrived Gate: C5 Bags: 2
NK 756 San Jose (SJO) 5:26pm 4:59pm
Arrived Gate: H6
US 3267 Washington (DCA) 5:31pm 5:44pm
Arrived Gate: E3 Bags: 1
B6 301 New York (JFK) 5:33pm 5:27pm
Arrived Gate: F3 Bags: 8
WN 1528 Tampa (TPA) 5:35pm 6:57pm
Arrived Gate: B1 Bags: 5-6
B6 1796 Cancun (CUN) 5:48pm 5:28pm
Arrived Gate: H2 Bags: A
FL 15 Atlanta (ATL) 5:50pm 5:39pm
Arrived Gate: B9 Bags: 4
B6 1171 New York (LGA) 5:54pm 5:50pm
Arrived Gate: F5 Bags: 8
AA 1005 Dallas (DFW) 5:55pm 5:55pm
Arrived Gate: E4 Bags: 3
DL 1527 Atlanta (ATL) 5:55pm 5:41pm
Arrived Gate: D6 Bags: 3
WN 60 Jacksonville (JAX) 5:55pm 5:50pm
Arrived Gate: B8 Bags: 6
AC 1220 Ottawa (YOW) 5:59pm 5:46pm
Arrived Gate: D4 Bags: 1
WN 2949 Las Vegas (LAS) 6:00pm 5:53pm
Arrived Gate: B5 Bags: 6
3M 3987 Jacksonville (JAX) 6:10pm 5:56pm
Arrived Gate: C5 Bags: 2
UP 101 Freeport (FPO) 6:10pm 7:07pm
Arrived Gate: E1 Bags: 2
WN 1417 Chicago (MDW) 6:10pm 6:06pm
Arrived Gate: B2 Bags: 5
US 1719 Charlotte (CLT) 6:11pm 6:03pm
Arrived Gate: E5 Bags: 1
B6 38 San Jose (SJO) 6:14pm 5:52pm
Arrived Gate: H4 Bags: 5
NK 270 Montego Bay (MBJ) 6:16pm 5:57pm
Arrived Gate: H7 Bags: CUS
G4 917 Asheville (AVL) 6:23pm 6:29pm
Arrived Gate: C6
NK 236 Medellin (MDE) 6:30pm 6:30pm
Arrived Gate: H10 Bags: CUS
AA 2277 Port Au Prince (PAP) 6:35pm 6:23pm
Arrived Gate: H8 Bags: CUS
VX 334 Los Angeles (LAX) 6:35pm 6:21pm
Arrived Gate: C9 Bags: 3
NK 558 Toluca (TLC) 6:37pm 6:05pm
Arrived Gate: H6 Bags: CUS
NK 142 Santo Domingo (SDQ) 6:43pm 6:22pm
Arrived Gate: H9 Bags: CUS
WN 260 Baltimore (BWI) 6:45pm 6:28pm
Arrived Gate: B4 Bags: 6
WN 3313 New Orleans (MSY) 6:45pm 6:56pm
Arrived Gate: B3 Bags: 5
NK 171 New York (LGA) 6:48pm 6:00pm
Arrived Gate: F1 Bags: 7
NK 212 Charlotte Amalie (STT) 6:49pm 6:30pm
Arrived Gate: F2 Bags: 7
B6 813 White Plains (HPN) 6:50pm 6:38pm
Arrived Gate: E6 Bags: 6
B6 1194 Nassau (NAS) 6:52pm 6:45pm
Arrived Gate: F3 Bags: 6
NK 400 Bogota (BOG) 6:53pm 6:50pm
Arrived Gate: H7 Bags: CUS
NK 240 Cancun (CUN) 6:56pm 6:41pm
Arrived Gate: H4 Bags: CUS
3M 3982 Tampa (TPA) 6:58pm 6:51pm
Arrived Gate: C5 Bags: 2
NK 710 San Juan (SJU) 6:59pm 6:49pm
Arrived Gate: H5 Bags: 4
DL 2227 Atlanta (ATL) 7:01pm 7:01pm
Arrived Gate: D5 Bags: 3
B6 1710 Port Au Prince (PAP) 7:10pm 6:54pm
Arrived Gate: H2 Bags: A
B6 1801 New York (JFK) 7:14pm 7:52pm
In Air Gate: F4 Bags: 8
B6 1454 San Juan (SJU) 7:20pm 7:18pm
Landed Gate: F7 Bags: 5
G4 913 Greenville (GSP) 7:23pm 7:34pm
In Air Gate: C8
UP 207 Nassau (NAS) 7:25pm 7:28pm
In Air Gate: E1 Bags: 2
DL 2065 New York (JFK) 7:44pm 7:58pm
In Air Gate: D3 Bags: 2
UA 997 Newark (EWR) 7:49pm 8:17pm
In Air Gate: C3 Bags: 1
RW 5650 Gulfport (GPT) 7:54pm 7:27pm
In Air
DY 7041 Copenhagen (CPH) 8:00pm 8:04pm
In Air Gate: E9 Bags: A
US 1947 Washington (DCA) 8:27pm 8:32pm
In Air Gate: E3 Bags: 1
DY 7045 London (LGW) 8:30pm 8:32pm
In Air Gate: E8 Bags: A
FL 23 Atlanta (ATL) 8:30pm 8:49pm
In Air Gate: B8 Bags: 4
WN 276 Baltimore (BWI) 8:30pm 8:30pm
In Air Gate: B4
B6 1197 Providence (PVD) 8:43pm 8:41pm
In Air Gate: F8 Bags: 5
NK 403 Atlanta (ATL) 8:44pm 8:25pm
In Air Gate: H6 Bags: 3
AA 2402 Dallas (DFW) 8:45pm 8:52pm
In Air Gate: E4 Bags: 3
US 1702 Philadelphia (PHL) 8:45pm 9:23pm
In Air Gate: E7 Bags: 1
NK 443 Baltimore (BWI) 8:47pm 8:32pm
In Air Gate: H5
NK 470 Dallas (DFW) 8:54pm 8:28pm
In Air Gate: H10 Bags: 2
DL 2334 Atlanta (ATL) 8:57pm 8:42pm
In Air Gate: D6 Bags: 3
NK 615 Boston (BOS) 9:05pm 9:16pm
In Air Gate: H8 Bags: 7
NK 425 Chicago (ORD) 9:11pm 8:57pm
In Air Gate: H9 Bags: 2
B6 2054 San Juan (SJU) 9:15pm 9:03pm
In Air Gate: F4 Bags: 6
B6 848 Santo Domingo (SDQ) 9:20pm 9:03pm
In Air Gate: H4 Bags: A
3M 4014 Orlando (MCO) 9:26pm 9:10pm
Scheduled Gate: C5 Bags: 2
B6 1579 Washington (DCA) 9:28pm 9:21pm
In Air Gate: F7 Bags: 5
B6 876 Kingston (KIN) 9:29pm 9:27pm
Scheduled Gate: H2 Bags: A
B6 305 Newark (EWR) 9:37pm 9:17pm
In Air Gate: F10 Bags: 5
NK 388 Detroit (DTW) 9:39pm 9:51pm
In Air Gate: H7 Bags: 4
WN 940 Nashville (BNA) 9:40pm 9:40pm
Scheduled Gate: B3
US 1723 Charlotte (CLT) 9:48pm 10:13pm
Delayed Gate: E7 Bags: 1
B6 201 New York (JFK) 9:57pm 9:34pm
In Air Gate: F6 Bags: 8
DL 2327 Atlanta (ATL) 10:01pm 9:53pm
Scheduled Gate: D8 Bags: 3
NK 303 Orlando (MCO) 10:04pm
Scheduled Gate: H10 Bags: 4
US 458 Phoenix (PHX) 10:22pm 11:01pm
In Air Gate: E1 Bags: 1
B6 469 Boston (BOS) 10:23pm 10:21pm
Scheduled Gate: E6 Bags: 5
UA 1682 Newark (EWR) 10:29pm 11:11pm
Delayed Gate: C1 Bags: 1
B6 1271 New York (LGA) 10:40pm 11:06pm
Delayed Gate: E10 Bags: 8
UA 1091 Houston (IAH) 10:40pm 10:37pm
Scheduled Gate: C2 Bags: 1
WN 2138 Tampa (TPA) 10:40pm 10:40pm
Scheduled Gate: B2
B6 700 Los Angeles (LAX) 10:41pm 10:32pm
In Air Gate: F9 Bags: 5
NK 779 New York (LGA) 10:44pm 10:19pm
Scheduled Gate: H8 Bags: 1
WN 1493 Baltimore (BWI) 10:45pm 10:45pm
Scheduled Gate: B1
DL 1201 New York (LGA) 10:49pm 10:29pm
Scheduled Gate: D2 Bags: 2
DL 2571 Atlanta (ATL) 10:49pm
Scheduled Gate: D5 Bags: 3
WN 262 Houston (HOU) 10:50pm 10:50pm
Scheduled Gate: B5
B6 578 San Francisco (SFO) 10:52pm 11:24pm
In Air Gate: F4 Bags: 5
NK 680 New Orleans (MSY) 10:58pm
Scheduled Gate: H5
DL 57 Detroit (DTW) 10:59pm 10:55pm
Scheduled Gate: D1 Bags: 2
FL 160 Atlanta (ATL) 11:00pm 10:57pm
Scheduled Gate: B9 Bags: 4
WN 809 Denver (DEN) 11:05pm 11:05pm
Scheduled Gate: B6
DL 1657 Atlanta (ATL) 11:52pm
Scheduled Gate: D9 Bags: 3
AA 1630 Dallas (DFW) 11:55pm
Scheduled Gate: E2 Bags: 3
US 1717 Charlotte (CLT) 11:59pm
Scheduled Gate: E9 Bags: 1
B6 1371 New York (LGA) 12:16am 12:16am
Scheduled Gate: F5
B6 1201 New York (JFK) 12:53am 12:53am
Scheduled Gate: F4
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