Flight From SchedAscending Update
NK 310 Los Angeles (LAX) 5:47am 7:33am
Landed Gate: G13 Bags: 4
B6 278 San Francisco (SFO) 7:44am 8:46am
Arrived Gate: E6 Bags: 8
NK 610 Tampa (TPA) 7:58am 7:58am
Landed Gate: H7 Bags: 1
B6 1894 Nassau (NAS) 8:03am 8:46am
Arrived Gate: E10 Bags: 6
B6 1554 San Juan (SJU) 8:06am 7:53am
Arrived Gate: F10 Bags: 7
B6 1015 Jacksonville (JAX) 8:13am 8:03am
Arrived Gate: F4 Bags: 6
WN 1591 Raleigh Durham (RDU) 8:30am 8:22am
Arrived Gate: B7 Bags: 5
B6 1279 Washington (DCA) 8:32am 8:28am
Arrived Gate: F3 Bags: 8
WN 758 Baltimore (BWI) 8:35am 8:49am
Arrived Gate: B4 Bags: 6
3M 78 Orlando (MCO) 8:37am 8:40am
Arrived Gate: C8 Bags: 2
DL 2227 Atlanta (ATL) 8:47am 8:34am
Arrived Gate: D5 Bags: 3
3M 57 Tampa (TPA) 8:48am 8:33am
Arrived Gate: C8 Bags: 2
B6 605 Newark (EWR) 8:54am 9:00am
Arrived Gate: F6 Bags: 8
B6 371 New York (LGA) 8:56am 8:57am
Arrived Gate: F9 Bags: 5
B6 601 New York (JFK) 8:57am 8:34am
Arrived Gate: F7 Bags: 5
BW 31 Kingston (KIN) 9:00am 9:12am
Arrived Gate: H6 Bags: A
UA 1290 Newark (EWR) 9:05am 8:41am
Arrived Gate: C2 Bags: 1
WN 2964 Pittsburgh (PIT) 9:05am 8:54am
Arrived Gate: B3 Bags: 5
WN 3039 San Juan (SJU) 9:05am 9:06am
Arrived Gate: B8 Bags: 6
NK 675 Orlando (MCO) 9:07am 9:07am
Landed Gate: H10 Bags: 4
NK 409 Chicago (ORD) 9:12am 9:12am
Landed Gate: G13 Bags: 2
NK 301 Baltimore (BWI) 9:15am 9:15am
Landed Gate: G12
WN 3927 Austin (AUS) 9:20am 9:18am
Arrived Gate: B5 Bags: 5
F9 903 Trenton (TTN) 9:22am 8:50am
Arrived Gate: C9 Bags: 4
NK 705 New York (LGA) 9:23am 9:23am
Landed Gate: G11 Bags: 1
B6 269 Boston (BOS) 9:25am 9:14am
Arrived Gate: F5 Bags: 7
NK 417 Detroit (DTW) 9:25am 9:25am
Landed Gate: H9 Bags: 4
UP 141 Freeport (FPO) 9:25am 10:30am
No Takeoff Info Gate: E1 Bags: 2
AA 1800 Philadelphia (PHL) 9:26am 9:18am
Arrived Gate: E7 Bags: 1
NK 231 Atlanta (ATL) 9:26am 9:26am
Landed Gate: G10 Bags: 3
AA 525 Charlotte (CLT) 9:30am 9:18am
Arrived Gate: E5 Bags: 1
WN 3532 Providence (PVD) 9:30am 9:34am
Arrived Gate: B6 Bags: 6
3M 133 Key West (EYW) 9:32am 9:21am
Arrived Gate: C8 Bags: 2
9K 1546 Bimini (NSB) 9:33am 10:01am
In Air
NK 259 Atlantic City (ACY) 9:34am 9:34am
Landed Gate: G14 Bags: 3
DL 2226 Atlanta (ATL) 9:37am 9:31am
Arrived Gate: D8 Bags: 3
NK 103 Myrtle Beach (MYR) 9:37am 9:37am
Landed Gate: H8 Bags: 3
B6 375 Philadelphia (PHL) 9:43am 9:30am
Arrived Gate: F4 Bags: 8
B6 1131 Charleston (CHS) 9:44am 9:27am
Arrived Gate: E8 Bags: 6
NK 972 Dallas (DFW) 9:44am
No Recent Info Gate: H7 Bags: 2
WN 3657 Baltimore (BWI) 9:45am 9:37am
Arrived Gate: B7 Bags: 5
B6 195 Baltimore (BWI) 9:50am 9:33am
Landed Gate: F10 Bags: 8
B6 2007 Pittsburgh (PIT) 9:53am 9:24am
Arrived Gate: F8 Bags: 8
WN 4071 Dallas (DAL) 9:55am 9:47am
Arrived Gate: B4 Bags: 6
B6 1618 Mexico City (MEX) 9:56am 11:20am
In Air Gate: H4 Bags: CUS
UA 671 Newark (EWR) 9:58am 9:55am
Landed Gate: C4 Bags: 1
B6 1589 Detroit (DTW) 10:07am 9:46am
Landed Gate: F9 Bags: 8
WN 2862 Albany (ALB) 10:10am 9:50am
Arrived Gate: B8 Bags: 6
B6 535 Newburgh (SWF) 10:12am 9:41am
Landed Gate: F7 Bags: 6
WN 804 Tampa (TPA) 10:15am 10:05am
In Air Gate: B3 Bags: 5
DL 1879 New York (LGA) 10:16am 9:59am
Landed Gate: D6 Bags: 2
WN 1570 Islip (ISP) 10:25am 10:35am
In Air Gate: B5 Bags: 5
B6 69 Boston (BOS) 10:29am 10:20am
In Air Gate: E8 Bags: 7
DL 1604 Detroit (DTW) 10:29am 10:22am
In Air Gate: D5 Bags: 2
WN 3140 Milwaukee (MKE) 10:30am 10:25am
In Air Gate: B7 Bags: 5
B6 113 White Plains (HPN) 10:31am 10:12am
In Air Gate: F5 Bags: 6
B6 40 Medellin (MDE) 10:32am 11:09am
In Air Gate: H4 Bags: CUS
WN 3042 Hartford (BDL) 10:35am 10:22am
In Air Gate: B4 Bags: 6
UA 1425 Houston (IAH) 10:40am 10:19am
In Air Gate: C3 Bags: 1
WN 460 Nashville (BNA) 10:40am 10:15am
In Air Gate: B6 Bags: 6
B6 1701 New York (JFK) 10:41am 10:32am
In Air Gate: F3 Bags: 5
3M 110 Bimini Island (BIM) 10:43am 10:21am
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
DL 1627 Atlanta (ATL) 10:52am 10:56am
In Air Gate: D9 Bags: 3
WS 1232 Toronto (YYZ) 10:58am 10:52am
In Air Gate: C7 Bags: 4
AA 1302 Dallas (DFW) 10:59am 10:45am
In Air Gate: E2 Bags: 1
WN 3013 Chicago (MDW) 11:00am 10:45am
In Air Gate: B3 Bags: 5
AA 526 Washington (DCA) 11:01am 10:52am
In Air Gate: E7 Bags: 1
B6 1676 Kingston (KIN) 11:03am 11:28am
In Air Gate: H6 Bags: CUS
AC 1620 Toronto (YYZ) 11:05am 11:14am
In Air Gate: D3 Bags: 1
NK 456 Chicago (ORD) 11:14am 11:14am
In Air Gate: G14 Bags: 2
3M 117 Freeport (FPO) 11:18am 10:55am
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
DL 2123 New York (JFK) 11:23am 10:56am
In Air Gate: D8 Bags: 2
UP 201 Nassau (NAS) 11:25am 11:03am
NK 114 Dallas (DFW) 11:27am 11:27am
In Air Gate: H7 Bags: 2
WN 3133 New Orleans (MSY) 11:30am 11:35am
Scheduled Gate: B8 Bags: 6
II 894 Guantanamo (NBW) 11:31am 11:17am
AC 1600 Montreal (YUL) 11:32am 11:40am
In Air Gate: D4 Bags: 1
3M 86 Orlando (MCO) 11:33am 11:20am
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
B6 959 Hartford (BDL) 11:36am 11:37am
In Air Gate: F8 Bags: 8
B6 1510 Port Au Prince (PAP) 11:38am 11:41am
Delayed Gate: H6 Bags: CUS
UA 1417 Chicago (ORD) 11:40am 11:29am
In Air Gate: C2 Bags: 1
WN 2890 Atlanta (ATL) 11:45am 11:18am
Departed Gate: B5 Bags: 5
Y4 994 Mexico City (MEX) 11:45am 11:45am
Departed Gate: H10 Bags: CUS
NK 877 Atlanta (ATL) 11:48am 11:48am
Scheduled Gate: G11 Bags: 3
AA 1709 Charlotte (CLT) 11:54am 11:51am
Departed Gate: E3 Bags: 1
DL 2026 Atlanta (ATL) 11:55am 11:49am
Scheduled Gate: D1 Bags: 3
WS 1054 Montreal (YUL) 11:55am 12:05pm
In Air Gate: C6 Bags: 4
DL 1576 Cincinnati (CVG) 11:56am 11:48am
In Air Gate: D5 Bags: 2
Q7 9560 Abaco Island (MHH) 12:00pm
3M 58 Tampa (TPA) 12:05pm 11:39am
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
WN 3383 Baltimore (BWI) 12:05pm 12:08pm
In Air Gate: B6 Bags: 6
AA 1158 Port Au Prince (PAP) 12:09pm
No Takeoff Info Gate: NO
NK 952 Port Au Prince (PAP) 12:20pm 12:20pm
No Takeoff Info Gate: H9
WS 1282 Ottawa (YOW) 12:21pm 12:20pm
In Air Gate: C7 Bags: 4
AA 1463 Chicago (ORD) 12:24pm 12:14pm
In Air Gate: E4 Bags: 1
3M 84 North Eleuthera (ELH) 12:26pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
DL 2258 New York (LGA) 12:27pm 12:04pm
In Air Gate: D2 Bags: 2
B6 1394 Nassau (NAS) 12:30pm 12:26pm
Scheduled Gate: F4 Bags: 6
B6 971 New York (LGA) 12:41pm 12:25pm
Departed Gate: F7 Bags: 5
WN 1027 Kansas City (MCI) 12:45pm 12:38pm
Departed Gate: B7 Bags: 5
B6 5 Newark (EWR) 12:48pm 12:40pm
Departed Gate: F5 Bags: 8
3M 106 Abaco Island (MHH) 12:51pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
B6 8038 San Jose (SJO) 12:55pm 12:58pm
Scheduled Gate: H4 Bags: CUS
DL 1827 Atlanta (ATL) 12:59pm 12:43pm
Scheduled Gate: D6 Bags: 3
WN 3272 Baltimore (BWI) 1:05pm
Scheduled Gate: B4 Bags: 6
3M 125 Key West (EYW) 1:06pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
AA 2001 Philadelphia (PHL) 1:07pm 1:07pm
Scheduled Gate: E5 Bags: 1
B6 2169 Boston (BOS) 1:09pm 1:21pm
Scheduled Gate: F9 Bags: 7
DL 1804 Detroit (DTW) 1:11pm 1:05pm
Scheduled Gate: D5 Bags: 2
B6 1501 New York (JFK) 1:16pm 1:11pm
Scheduled Gate: E10 Bags: 5
B6 954 San Juan (SJU) 1:21pm 1:21pm
Scheduled Gate: F3 Bags: 7
G4 1727 Rochester (ROC) 1:30pm 1:18pm
Scheduled Gate: C5
B6 1125 Raleigh Durham (RDU) 1:32pm 1:26pm
Scheduled Gate: F6 Bags: 6
B6 1479 Washington (DCA) 1:39pm 1:40pm
Scheduled Gate: F8 Bags: 8
WN 2791 Indianapolis (IND) 1:40pm
Scheduled Gate: B3 Bags: 5
DL 3921 Raleigh Durham (RDU) 1:43pm
Scheduled Gate: D7
AV 36 Bogota (BOG) 1:44pm
Departed Gate: H6 Bags: CUS
WN 4075 Houston (HOU) 1:45pm
Scheduled Gate: B8 Bags: 6
DL 2446 Atlanta (ATL) 1:49pm
Scheduled Gate: D2 Bags: 3
NK 305 Baltimore (BWI) 1:58pm 1:58pm
Scheduled Gate: G12
NK 197 New York (LGA) 1:59pm 1:59pm
Scheduled Gate: G10 Bags: 1
AA 1961 Charlotte (CLT) 2:00pm 2:00pm
Scheduled Gate: E3 Bags: 1
NK 727 Latrobe (LBE) 2:05pm 2:05pm
Scheduled Gate: G13 Bags: 2
UA 805 Houston (IAH) 2:05pm 1:53pm
Scheduled Gate: C2
3M 93 Tampa (TPA) 2:10pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
UA 1408 Newark (EWR) 2:11pm 4:19pm
Delayed Gate: C3
WN 4024 Baltimore (BWI) 2:15pm
Scheduled Gate: B5 Bags: 5
Y4 5996 Guadalajara (GDL) 2:15pm
Scheduled Gate: H10 Bags: CUS
3M 81 Key West (EYW) 2:16pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
AA 1523 Dallas (DFW) 2:19pm
Scheduled Gate: E4 Bags: 1
DL 2456 New York (JFK) 2:20pm 2:18pm
Scheduled Gate: D8 Bags: 2
NK 609 Boston (BOS) 2:20pm 2:20pm
Scheduled Gate: G11 Bags: 3
UA 1164 Denver (DEN) 2:22pm 3:06pm
Delayed Gate: C4
G4 1705 Memphis (MEM) 2:30pm
AA 1880 Washington (DCA) 2:32pm 2:32pm
Scheduled Gate: E7 Bags: 1
DL 1103 Minneapolis (MSP) 2:34pm 2:20pm
Scheduled Gate: D5 Bags: 2
3M 87 Abaco Island (MHH) 2:41pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
B6 1145 Richmond (RIC) 2:42pm 2:32pm
Scheduled Gate: F8 Bags: 6
NK 235 Atlantic City (ACY) 2:45pm 2:45pm
Scheduled Gate: H7 Bags: 3
DL 1826 Atlanta (ATL) 2:49pm
Scheduled Gate: D9 Bags: 3
WN 3191 Atlanta (ATL) 2:50pm
Scheduled Gate: B6 Bags: 6
UA 1556 Chicago (ORD) 2:59pm 2:46pm
Scheduled Gate: C2
DL 1746 Detroit (DTW) 3:00pm
Scheduled Gate: D2 Bags: 2
3M 63 Orlando (MCO) 3:05pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
B6 512 Austin (AUS) 3:07pm 3:07pm
Scheduled Gate: F4 Bags: 8
DL 1131 New York (LGA) 3:07pm
Scheduled Gate: D6 Bags: 2
B6 2269 Boston (BOS) 3:11pm 3:05pm
Scheduled Gate: F10 Bags: 7
WN 960 Baltimore (BWI) 3:15pm
Scheduled Gate: B8 Bags: 6
3M 114 Georgetown (GGT) 3:22pm
Scheduled Gate: C8 Bags: 2
9K 1552 Bimini (NSB) 3:23pm
NK 419 Cleveland (CLE) 3:25pm 3:25pm
Scheduled Gate: G12
BW 39 Montego Bay (MBJ) 3:35pm
Scheduled Gate: H8 Bags: A
Q7 9402 Bimini Island (BIM) 3:40pm
B6 1048 Santo Domingo (SDQ) 3:43pm 3:43pm
Scheduled Gate: H4 Bags: CUS
B6 2014 Providenciales (PLS) 3:48pm 3:48pm
Scheduled Gate: H6 Bags: CUS
B6 975 Philadelphia (PHL) 3:48pm 3:48pm
Scheduled Gate: F6 Bags: 8
B6 1737 Syracuse (SYR) 3:53pm 7:16pm
Delayed Gate: F7 Bags: 6
DL 1726 Atlanta (ATL) 3:54pm
Scheduled Gate: D8 Bags: 3
CM 265 Panama City (PTY) 4:02pm
Scheduled Gate: H9 Bags: CUS
NK 9667 Goose Bay (YYR) 5:00pm 5:30pm
Delayed Gate: H7
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