Flight To SchedAscending Update
9E 9201 New York (JFK) 12:15pm 5:23pm
In Air
B6 575 New Orleans (MSY) 2:29pm 2:21pm
Landed - Diverted! Gate: 16
UA 6211 Washington (IAD) 2:40pm 5:30pm
Delayed Gate: D19
DL 6208 Washington (DCA) 2:46pm 6:54pm
Delayed Gate: C3
DL 5527 New York (LGA) 3:00pm 5:57pm
Departed Gate: D6
AA 5443 Washington (DCA) 3:15pm 5:17pm
In Air Gate: C16
UA 5646 Cleveland (CLE) 3:30pm 5:12pm
In Air
UA 1207 Newark (EWR) 4:00pm 4:01pm
In Air Gate: D18
UA 8207 Newark (EWR) 4:00pm 4:51pm
In Air
DL 4002 New York (JFK) 4:05pm 4:21pm
Arrived Gate: D11
UA 5366 Denver (DEN) 4:05pm 4:13pm
In Air Gate: D12
DL 2034 Atlanta (ATL) 4:08pm 4:06pm
Arrived Gate: C7
G4 769 Sanford (SFB) 4:09pm 4:15pm
AA 1907 Charlotte (CLT) 4:12pm 4:05pm
Arrived Gate: C15
DL 1896 Salt Lake City (SLC) 4:23pm 4:20pm
In Air Gate: D5
DL 1191 Orlando (MCO) 4:30pm 4:26pm
In Air Gate: C3
WN 2421 Orlando (MCO) 4:40pm 4:45pm
In Air Gate: A7
DL 4317 Minneapolis (MSP) 4:44pm 4:40pm
In Air Gate: D9
P1 701 Atlantic City (ACY) 4:45pm 5:11pm
In Air
B6 2625 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 4:50pm 5:16pm
In Air Gate: C10
WN 866 Dallas (DAL) 4:55pm 7:50pm
Delayed Gate: A8
G4 1649 Punta Gorda (PGD) 4:56pm 5:14pm
In Air
DL 3685 New York (LGA) 5:00pm 5:00pm
In Air Gate: D1
DL 5021 Philadelphia (PHL) 5:00pm 4:55pm
In Air Gate: D8
WN 501 Chicago (MDW) 5:00pm 5:07pm
In Air Gate: A6
UA 350 Chicago (ORD) 5:14pm 5:08pm
In Air Gate: D20
DL 1666 Atlanta (ATL) 5:15pm 5:14pm
In Air Gate: C24
DL 3609 Boston (BOS) 5:15pm 6:01pm
Delayed Gate: D13
AA 4316 New York (JFK) 5:16pm 5:41pm
In Air Gate: C18
DL 6284 Nashville (BNA) 5:16pm 5:06pm
In Air Gate: D11
WN 1582 Atlanta (ATL) 5:20pm 5:24pm
In Air Gate: A5
DL 1495 Detroit (DTW) 5:26pm 5:19pm
In Air Gate: C7
AS 753 Seattle (SEA) 5:28pm 5:14pm
In Air Gate: D15
AA 4351 Washington (DCA) 5:30pm 6:12pm
Delayed Gate: C18
UA 690 Newark (EWR) 5:30pm 6:25pm
Delayed Gate: D18
AA 2601 Chicago (ORD) 5:35pm 5:39pm
Departed Gate: C17
WN 672 Nashville (BNA) 5:40pm 6:00pm
Delayed Gate: A7
DL 230 Paris (CDG) 5:44pm 5:50pm
Departed Gate: C1
AA 856 Charlotte (CLT) 5:54pm 5:49pm
Departed Gate: C15
DL 3824 New York (JFK) 5:55pm 5:54pm
Departed Gate: C3
AA 4622 New York (LGA) 5:56pm 5:53pm
Departed Gate: C12
AA 1997 Philadelphia (PHL) 6:00pm 5:54pm
Departed Gate: C9
ZK 259 Bedford (BED) 6:00pm 6:00pm
WN 6546 Orlando (MCO) 6:05pm
Scheduled Gate: A6
B6 184 Boston (BOS) 6:14pm 6:14pm
Scheduled Gate: C10
DL 4661 Cincinnati (CVG) 6:15pm
Scheduled Gate: D5
DL 6264 Washington (DCA) 6:20pm 9:51pm
Delayed Gate: D1
UA 1969 San Francisco (SFO) 6:20pm 6:20pm
Scheduled Gate: D14
WN 376 Baltimore (BWI) 6:20pm 6:25pm
Scheduled Gate: A5
AA 174 London (LHR) 6:25pm 6:25pm
Scheduled Gate: C23
AA 2585 Miami (MIA) 6:28pm 6:28pm
Scheduled Gate: C21
AC 7318 Toronto (YYZ) 6:30pm
Scheduled Gate: D10
UA 6207 Houston (IAH) 6:30pm 6:30pm
Scheduled Gate: D12
DL 1774 Atlanta (ATL) 6:36pm
Scheduled Gate: D1
AA 1535 Los Angeles (LAX) 6:44pm 6:44pm
Scheduled Gate: C11
AA 1052 Dallas (DFW) 6:55pm 6:55pm
Scheduled Gate: C17
WN 553 Tampa (TPA) 6:55pm 7:05pm
Scheduled Gate: A8
AA 4538 Washington (DCA) 7:00pm 7:00pm
Scheduled Gate: C9
DL 5433 New York (LGA) 7:00pm
Scheduled Gate: C7
WN 706 St. Louis (STL) 7:15pm
Scheduled Gate: A5
B6 1186 New York (JFK) 7:21pm 7:21pm
Scheduled Gate: C10
UA 1101 Newark (EWR) 7:30pm 7:30pm
Scheduled Gate: D19
AA 1861 Charlotte (CLT) 7:39pm
Scheduled Gate: C15
UA 6064 Washington (IAD) 7:50pm 7:50pm
Scheduled Gate: D20
DL 3777 Indianapolis (IND) 7:54pm
Scheduled Gate: D13
DL 3729 Columbus (CMH) 7:55pm
Scheduled Gate: D3
DL 6204 Hartford (BDL) 7:55pm
Scheduled Gate: D8
DL 923 Boston (BOS) 7:55pm
Scheduled Gate: D9
DL 2534 Atlanta (ATL) 7:59pm
Scheduled Gate: D1
DL 6233 Newark (EWR) 7:59pm
Scheduled Gate: C1
WN 518 Baltimore (BWI) 8:05pm 8:05pm
Scheduled Gate: A7
DL 5536 Cleveland (CLE) 8:10pm 8:28pm
Delayed Gate: C7
AA 4335 Washington (DCA) 8:15pm 8:15pm
Scheduled Gate: C20

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